Our understanding of Architecture is a harmony between volume, space and proportion; which interacts with the expression of Human life. We thrive to reach the perfect balance between those key elements, in order to achieve an aesthetic scheme for the client’s full satisfaction, in his needs and requirements.

El-Cheikh and Partners’ founder, Farouk El-Cheikh, carries more than 40 years of experience in the field of Architecture and town planning; accomplishing most of the works in Algeria, Spain, Ivory Coast, Arabic Peninsula, Syria and in Lebanon; in addition winning many Design Awards such as the Torremolinos village in Spain, Saida sea front in Lebanon and Giza Tower in Egypt. With all these experiences, the firm has earned a reputation for providing successful results to its clients.

Farouk El-Cheikh; besides being the head of El-Cheikh and Partners, he is the founder/partner of the notable agency U.C.A.E, which is a consultant firm for Architecture, electro mechanical and structural design specialists, which can ensure full service for the client’s project. (http://www.ucae-lb.com)

El-Cheikh and Partners’ experienced staff reflects a family oriented environment where communication for the best of the project is optimized. Every staff works closely together so that the creativity level and work is enhanced. An open-communicative ambiance helps providing the best quality project.


Over the years, El-Cheikh and Partners has developed; reaching all ranges of projects and leaving a print in many parts of the world.

Farouk M. El Cheikh, born in Beirut in 1938, is a Member at the Order of Engineers and Architects; and a Holder of many Design Awards from projects he executed for important public and private buildings in Lebanon, in the Gulf Region, and in Algeria. He followed his undergraduate and graduate studies in France where he got his degrees in:


1963 Diploma in Architecture from the University of Paris in France

1967 Specialty in Urbanism in service of Tourism with a main emphasis on Touristic Town Planning

1969 Specialty in prefabricated Systems in Buildings at the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Techniques des Batiments).

2007 First Prize for designing Giza Tower, Cairo, Egypt

1996 Second Prize for designing the urban studies and re-planning the sea front of the City of Sidon

1982 First Prize for designing the Tourist Complex in Torremolinos in Spain

1981 First prize for designing the Tourist Complex of Habaniah in Iraq

1979 First Prize for designing the International Hotel of Boumedian Airport in Algeria

1976 Second Prize for designing the Diplomatic Quarter in Algeria


Besides being the founder of El-Cheikh and Partners, he is also the General Manager / Partner at UCAE (United Consultants Architects and Engineers s.a.r.l.) founded 31/12/2002.

He started his professional life by establishing a Partnership under the name of Fakhouri-Cheikh

Architects Associates which was located in Beirut-Lebanon, with branches in Oran-Algeria, then in Paris-France. They managed to make big projects most of them were public buildings, hospitals, Universities, schools, housings, and hotels having the Partnerships complete design and supervision.